Friday, February 2, 2007

Rough Night

So, Baby Isaac T. decided that he wasn't going to go to sleep last night. He ate and ate and ate. Had a number of diaper changes. Cried. Cried more. But, not much sleeping. I was asleep for most of this, because he super nice husband decided to handle the boy for a few hours so I could rest.
Around 4:00 am, I came out of hibernation to help out and relieve Derek and let him get some sleep. Isaac feel asleep with me and we got a couple of hours of rest before starting the whole process over again. He is sleeping again, right now, possibly resting up for another sleepless night??


Brad R said...

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Not looking forward to that.

Here's something to cheer you up... they now make chocolate life cereal! I haven't tried it, but I was sure tempted to get it at the store last night (which would have contributed nicely to my sympathy gut I've been growing since Allison got pregnant).

stevesgurl said...

Don't be too discouraged....before you know it he will be sleeping through the night. I know that it seems right now like it will be forever before that will happen, but before you know it, you will blink and he will be so big.