Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lesson Plans

For the last two days I have been writing lesson plans for the unlucky soul who subs for me during my maternity leave. My two classes next semester are AP Calculus and Honors Algebra II. I have not taught either ever. :)
I've taught regular Algebra II, so I know the material. I just don't know what kind of students I'll have. Better than I'm used to, I guess.
So, I'm on day #12 for Algebra II. It's hard, because when I write my own notes, I just write down what problems I'll do, and then work them out on the board. I have to show all the work on my notes, so the sub (since I don't know what kind of math skills they'll have) can follow along. No fun.
PLUS - I'm still battling the case of the numb fingers. So, it's like writing after you've been working in the cold for a long time. Not so legible at all times. I just typed one days worth of notes, to take a break. And, in case you are wondering, typing Math notes is not fun.
The Calculus is a whole different story. There's not much hope that I'll find a Calc sub, so I'm just going to give them some review work while I'm out and then come back a day here and there and teach a little bit. I guess. That's the plan for now.

I don't like not being in control. Four weeks to go. Or will it be less? Or more?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

errand day

today, derek and i completed a number of errands we had been putting off:
1. i got my license renewed. bleh.
2. derek got new glasses.
3. we deposited like 9 checks. sorry if you've written us a check lately.
4. we took back some Christmas gifts. (one to the mall, one to best buy)
5. we registered the Volvo.

i think that's it.
the dmv experience was TERRIBLE. it took about 3 hours total, although some of it was my fault. there were three dmv employees, but due to driver's tests and lunch breaks, most of the time i was there, only one employee was working. they were on #38 when we got there, and i was #58. i think the final ten minutes of my wait was just waiting for someone to pick up my new license from the license making machine and hand it to me. frustrating. plus, i was sick and uncomfortable, so it made for a long day.

Starry Night

Even though I'm not feeling that great, I'm still trying to accomplish a number of things over this Christmas break. One of them is finishing the baby's room.
I used paint pens to paint these cute stars on the angled part of the walls. I like it. Hopefully baby Isaac will, too. More importantly, I hope 5 to 9 year old Isaac will like it, because I don't want to repaint anytime soon.

the Christmas curse...

Every year, at Christmas, someone (or everyone) gets sick.
One year, Jake had the flu pretty bad and gave it to me, just before we left to come home. Julie gets sick a lot.
And this year, I'm fighting an unfun cold and cough.
I wouldn't normally complain, because I could douse it out at night with some NyQuil, but it seems that NyQuil is off the list of medications for people with babies inside them. Bleh. So, I have to take drugs that don't put me down for the count. I guess I'll live. Anyhow, that's my story of this year's Christmas curse.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

8 down, 1 to go

I am officially due one month from today (January 27th, that is).
Here is an 8 month belly shot for your enjoyment.

Big Shotz Tavern

A few months ago, a Big Shotz Tavern popped up down the road from us.
Since then, we've almost gone there a few times, but decided against it for various reasons. Finally, last night, we went.

It wasn't very impressive.
We got a French Dip and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Neither were all that impressive. The french dip was on hard crusty bread and was served sans dip. Which is dumb. The chicken sandwich was plain. Derek said he likes TJ's Deli better. And theirs is like half the price. Big Shotz was a little bit pricey for the type of food and atmosphere. There was one other disappointment, that I don't blame on the restaurant, nor do I think happens across the board. That is, our waitress was MIA for a large part of the night. Of course, this happened during the part of our dining experience when we both were out of drinks and were trying to suck the melted ice every two seconds. You'd think one of her coworkers would have noticed and jumped in, or at least found her and told her. But, that was not the case.

Anyhow, our curiosity was satisfied and we can close the book on Big Shotz Tavern.
We'll stick to TJ's I guess.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

and then Christmas was over....

It's the day after Christmas.
Derek is back to work. I just cleaned up the Christmas mess.
Christmas seemed pretty unChristmas-y yesterday.
It was just me and Derek.
We just hung around the house (except for a trip to Chinese dinner).
Derek worked in his shop. I ripped cds to my computer.
I'm tired. Tired from being pregnant and fat.
Tired of having numb fingers. Tired of swollen ankles.
I don't make a very good pregnant mom-to-be. Bleh.
Anyhooo.... Now I'm just ranting, so I'll stop and find something else to do.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

That's all I have to say.
I'm busy ripping all my cd's so I can listen to them on my new iPod Nano.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Day

It doesn't feel very Christmas-y this year.
It's like 70 degrees outside.
There's no family around.
Just me and Derek. And Lucy. And the unborn baby Isaac Newton.
We're getting ready for church. And then we'll be just hanging around like any normal day. It's a little sad. But, it will be very relaxing. And I'll get a good recharge to finish out the last weeks of school (for me, that is).
We have a lot planned (finish the baby's room, one good house cleaning, lesson plans for my sub, making final exams, and stuff like that)....

Merry Christmas Eve Day. I'm sure I'll be writing more soon.
Since there's not much else to do. :)

future star athlete

Ms. Doub (from school) got me (and mostly Isaac) this for Christmas. I think she knows that our child is probably destined for sports stardom. Or that he'll be a wannabe. :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Vacation!!

Today marks the first day of Christmas Vacation. (Winter break, to be politically correct). Whatever. I'm off of school until January 2nd and that's pretty sweet.
We finally did move on Wednesday. It was MADNESS. There were random kids roaming everywhere. We moved my entire trailer in about 20 minutes. Twenty-eight eager (to not do math) seniors can really move some stuff. Plus, I didn't have much to move. So, I'm all settled into room 804 in the new "J" building. It's exciting.

In other news, we had Derek's family Christmas party last night. It was fun. Derek's sister, her husband and son could not come because the little one was very sick. So, it was a rather small gathering. We got some pretty sweet stuff. The main gift was a gift certificate towards a night at a bed and breakfast. I'm pretty sure that will be used way down the line. No bed and breakfasts for us anytime soon.

We are about 2 minutes away from leaving here to go to Derek's work for a baby shower. I'll definitely post updates about that when we get home. Or sometime thereafter. :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

two days

....until Christmas vacation, that is.
It's been tough this week. The kids aren't very motivated. I'm not very motivated. My ankles are gigantic. My fingers in my right hand are usually numb. (That's fun).
Our whole school is supposed to be moving sometime. I'm not sure exactly when. Everyday, they tell us "tomorrow". So, it's hard to plan around that. I have a bunch of tests and quizzes planned for today's "tomorrow" so if I go in tomorrow and they switch their forecast from tomorrow to today, then I'm saying NO.
Um, yeah. So, that's all the news from here.
I have one month and one week remaining in my scheduled pregnancy, although I'm getting a bit uncomfortable and I'm not dealing with that so well. I don't think I was cut out for having babies. Perhaps we'll get the next one already assembled. I think it costs extra, but I now think it's worth it. :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

just a boring update post

i see that it's been quite some time since i posted last.
it is because my life is extremely boring, i must confess.
let's see.....

on saturday, i made cookies all day long. there's still a bit of work to do to bring that task to completion. i have to decorate the sugar cookies with frosting and tasty candy decor. derek has to dip some peanut butter balls in melted chocolate. then the cookies will be ready for gift distribution.

on sunday, i drove to raleigh to visit some old pals. i went to my old church, bethesda baptist. it was a lot different. they've switched to contemporary worship, so i didn't get to try to time my ending notes with the ever long last notes of hugh o'shields. i saw all the old favs, the minor family, the bankers, noah and carly's mom, debbie, scott parrish, laughing karla, all the overcashes, the dowd's and of course, the p. clay stevens family. then, i scooted over to sarahpowers house. from there we went to visit her mom and dad who are in town for a full month. we then watched a hockey game full of batavia newyorkers. that was fun. then i headed back.

this week has been pretty busy, it seems. mostly because i get tired-er and tired-er by the day. we are winding down the semester though. it's day 74 today of 90 days. the last four of which are exams, so it's day 74 of 86 "teaching" days. crazy. and even more importantly, we are out a week from today. i don't think that can possibly arrive soon enough.

in baby news, i am about 6 weeks left (on saturday). it's crazy that the baby could, in reality, come whenever he feels like. i was already born at this point in my mom's pregnancy. tina and burl love (from school) just had theirs about 3 weeks early, so i'm trying to get things sorted out around school, in case of an early baby arrival.

well, that's about it. told you it was boring. :)

Friday, December 8, 2006


but i'm not bitter because it's friday. :)

silver diner

so, derek and i ate at billy bob's silver diner last night. for the last 4ish years, i've been telling him i want to eat there sometime. it's shiny. it's a diner. what more can you want?

well, i'll tell you. better service. and food prepared the way you ask. that's what.

our server was a little slow. maybe we could call her multi-taskingly challenged. she just seemed to be on one track all night. whatever.
i ordered a "carolina cadillac" cheeseburger.... medium well done. not because i like charred meat, but because of the baby. it was served up and looked delicious. my first bite revealed bright red meat inside. so, i had to trade with derek.
the irony is: derek didn't mind because when he asked how big the burgers were, the aforementioned waitress told us about 1/4 pound. so he selected a different menu item, based on this information. well, lo and behold, the burger was quite gigantic, so due to the bloody meat, derek looked to benefit from the situation. so we switched.
derek had ordered a philly cheesesteak sandwich, but it came without tomatoes and mayo. getting our waitress to bring these items proved quite difficult, so derek got up and found her and got some.
besides this, our evening was quite enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

hump day

it's wednesday. it's a slow moving week for me.
i don't know why.
and today is going to be particularly long.
i have learning center for my nerdy kids this morning at 7:00ish.
and then i teach all day (that's normal, i'm not complaining about that).
then, i have a few kids taking a makeup test, that will last an hour and a half or so.
then, we have church from 7-9 tonight.
so, without further ado.....
here we go!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

night.... divine

tonight, at youth group, some of the students were showcasing their musical talents by listening to veggie tales through headphones and singing along for all to hear. we, the staff, got talking and the topic turned to the most awful rendition of o holy night ever made.
when the night was over, we quickly hopped online to see if we could locate this version, and lo and behold we found it.
it's late, and i'm not in the mood to investigate how to post music on this blog, so here is the link for you to enjoy this ear piercing bit of holiday cheer. enjoy....

texas hold 'em

derek's company christmas party was last night.

we went out to eat with some of his coworkers and wives at carraba'a first. i had mushroom ravioli. it was delicious. and like 50 waters.

then the party was at a fancy pants country club. when we got there, we received 10,000 chips to gamble with. there was roulette, black jack, craps, and texas hold 'em.
the posse that went to dinner snatched up our own hold 'em table and played there for quite a bit of time. i did alright. it was a pretty novice table (myself included) and there was a lot checking. (jake once told me that "checking is what you always do if you can". killer advice from a 9 year old poker star).

anyhow, it was a late night for a pregnant girl, so this morning has been a little rough. perhaps i'm just wussy in my old age.

oh, to finish the story. i ended up about 5000 chips ahead, i think. (i can't remember because of all the water, chocolate dipped strawberries, and mostly the wild mushrooms in my raviolis. oh, and because derek mixed his winnings in with mine while i went to the bathroom.). anyhow, we put all the money on one hand of blackjack. the first card was a 2. then a queen. we hit. it was a jack. the end. :)

Saturday, December 2, 2006

warm baby bag

we bought this sweet "coat" for the soon-to-be newborn baby isaac t.

fat ankles

yeah. so my ankles are fat.
that's really all i have to say.

8 more weeks....