Tuesday, April 27, 2010


on sunday, derek showed up with quite a few gifts for the boy and me, one such gift being the board game "candyland". isaac quickly caught on and has become quite obsessed. he's not very competitive yet, so it's still semi-enjoyable....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 days...

ten days until this baby is due. hoping sooner. hoping more for NOT later. :)

i'm pretty tired these last few days. probably some because of the giant stomach i'm carrying around and probably mostly from intermittent sleep. last night, for the first part of the night, i woke up every half an hour. for the second part of the night, the wee hours of the morning, i woke up every hour. sometimes, i like to wake all the way up, so that i can heave my body into a new sleeping position. sometimes, to make sure i'm all the way awake, i get up and go to the bathroom.

other than that, everything is good with this pregnancy. i'm just starting to get cankles, and they're not too bad. depends on the weather, time of day, what i've been doing, etcetera. not like with isaac, where i woke in the morning with tree trunks straight to my feet and by the end of the day, my ankles were practically pouring out over the tops of my shoes.

and my blood pressure has been down and all the other stuff that went wrong with the boy seems to be going right... so, hip hip hooray, i guess i'll get to be pregnant longer...

in other news, isaac seems pretty excited for his baby sister, anna. of course, he has absolutely no idea what he's in for. but, he talks about her a lot. and we've been pumping him up as the responsible and helpful big brother. we'll see what he thinks when all this talk comes to fruition.

we still feel like there's so much to do, but i think we have the basics covered. i have been slowly packing a bag for the hospital. why i don't do it all at once, i don't know. today, i packed an iphone charger. maybe later, i'll put some clothes in there. :). isaac's bag is packed in my imagination. some clothes and cash ought to cover him. he's either heading off to derek's parents, where they're fully equipped to handle a toddler boy for a few days, or to some friends, who will be supplied with enough cash to keep him alive on chicken nuggets and french fries for the short time span. :)

i set up the pack n play as our bassinet in the bedroom. the car seat has high hopes of being installed in the next day or so. and we have diapers and wipes. and clean clothes.

that's how it's going on the baby lidbom 2.0 front.

Monday, April 19, 2010

banana bread

we bought like 50 bananas at costco a week ago, and then subsequently ate approximately one of them. so, in an effort to not waste the $1.32-ish that we paid for said bananas, we're turning them into various forms of baked goods. isaac helped use up about 3 of them in some banana bread:


stirring the dry goods (note: 0.25 seconds after this picture, he shoved the wisk into his mouth, making this "family only" banana bread):

the final stir:

Cora's BounceU Birthday Party

yesterday we strolled off to isaac's favorite place in the entire universe, bounceU, to celebrate the 3rd birthday of his pal, cora. we didn't bring a camera, so we couldn't get any good shot of the bouncing action. but, our phones did a decent job of capturing the birthday cake part of the day...

cora and her princess cake:

sucking down a juice box after an hour of intense bouncing:

delicious cake:

testing out the princess party hat:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our First WS Dash Game

last night, we packed up and drove off to downtown winston-salem, to take in our first dash game at the new stadium. we had lots of fun...

i think we were in the ninth row.

isaac loves sprite. or any pop for that matter.

watching intently.

when the excitement of class a baseball wore off (after about 1 inning), we went to explore other parts of the park, such as the kid zone, which had an assortment of blow up bouncy apparatuses and a merry-go-round. isaac's favorite is the big slide.

isaac did a really great job at being a baseball fan... cheering at the appropriate times, dancing when cued to dance, eating hot dogs, drinking carbonated beverages, walking the long long long haul from our parking spot to the stadium, riding on dad's shoulders from the stadium back to the parking spot...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Got a sweet new photo app for the iPhone. More pics to follow, I'm

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"i love you so much"

this story happened quite awhile back...

many times, isaac will stop us in the midst of what we're doing and say, "mom/dad, i have to tell you something... i love you so much". it's very sweet and he's stocking up some good bonus points for the times when he says not so nice things...

one night, i was lying in bed with him and it had been pretty quiet for some time, when he said, "i love you so much". i thought he was talking to me, until i heard a kissing sound with no accompanying kiss.

not really sure i wanted to know the answer, i asked, "who are you talking to?"

"super mario."

meaning this (a 2ish inch tall replica of super mario. yeah.):

Saturday, April 10, 2010

anna delores

that's what we'll be calling baby lidbom 2.0.

anna - because we both liked it and could agree on it. :)

delores - after my mom's mom. the grams...

so, that's that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

one month away...

8 months of pregnancy in the books.

1 left. give or take a few days, i suppose.

i feel like we have so much to do. which is funny, because we cut out a lot of the to-do's that we had with isaac. since, apparently, the world doesn't end if the nursery isn't ready for a photo shoot when you bring the baby home. and kitchen towels can double as burp cloths. and diapers can go in the trash just as easily as a diaper genie.

but, we do still need to buy some bottles. and a car seat. :)

our to-do list mostly consists of stuff that has nothing to do with the baby, but we know will be put on hold indefinitely if we wait until her arrival... like when i didn't clean the house for 18 or so months after isaac was born. :)

that's the story. one month left.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

egg hunting, round 2.

firstly, happy easter to all....

we started off the day by heading out to salem chapel for some super sweet easter services. then, we went to derek's parents for easter lunch and a little egg hunting. we forgot our camera, so all of those pics are on a borrowed camera, to be posted at a later date.

we came home and lounged around for a bit, sampling a few different movies from netflix for isaac. when we had recovered from our morning, i hid some more eggs for isaac to hunt in the backyard, without competition. i thought i got some great pictures, but since i'm a little slow these days, i was usually behind the boy and didn't get too many face shots. and who wants to look at the back of the head of a kid picking up easter eggs?

anyhow, without further ado, here are some shots of the little man on his egg hunt...

checking out the goods on the first egg:
running to the next egg:
securing an egg found on the garden tarp:
all eggs loaded in the back of the car, ready for cruising:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

cousins and easter eggs

isaac went to his gramma's yesterday to dye easter eggs with his cousins...