Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bring on the sugar.

i'm 30 weeks today. 10 to go.

the big news of the last week of being pregnant is that i had the delightful experience of taking the 3 hour version of the glucose test last friday and it revealed that i do not have gestational diabetes and that the one hour test was just a fluke. so that's good. i can resume my normal (box of sprees a day) candy eating habits...

so, 10 weeks. we're in pretty good shape. the room is painted. we have a lot of big ticket items, either leftover from the boy or on loan from eliot. we even have a full closet of clothes, thanks to eliot.
we're planning on heading to ikea this weekend to finish furnishing the girl's room. then, all that will be left is decor. which, well, there's plenty of time for. you know, since i still haven't finished decorating the boy's room...

the biggest thing that is left for us to do is to pick a name. we're not doing so hot. we have a few that we're tossing around. i was pretty settled on one name, early on, but derek wasn't really on board. now, he's given me the ok to move forward with that name, and i'm the unsure one. so, when we know, you'll know. :)

finally, some really exciting news... i'm already the same weight as i was with isaac when he was born. so that's pretty encouraging. ok, that's sarcastic. i started out with a pretty big head start, so i'm not surprised, but it's still a little traumatizing to be standing on a scale at your highest weight of all time with 10 weeks left of growing a baby inside.

here's my 30 week post with isaac lidbom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

isaac quotes

in new york:
jake: isaac, do you want some skittles?
isaac: i have to ask mom first.
(pitter patter of feet as he comes to find me).
isaac: mom, can i ask you if i can have some skittles.
me: yes.
isaac: can i have some skittles?

at a rest stop:
a man, who was most likely a biker, dressed in a black leather jacket and a black hat held the door for me and isaac. as isaac passed through, he turned and asked, "mom, is that a cowboy?"

when we pulled in from our long trip to ny and derek was waiting for us to help unload:
"mom! there's dad! he's looking at our new, broken car."

after stepping on lucy's tail didn't result in a bark (as it usually does):
"i gotta find a screwdriver to change lucy's battery..."

following a pretty good bump on the head:
isaac ran over to me crying, "i'm gonna live. i'm gonna live, mom".
(often, following less severe injuries, i ask, "are you ok? do you think you'll live?")

birthday party:
while in ny, and on isaac's actual birthday, we had a little party with new york family and convinced isaac that he was no longer two and was now three. last week, after the dust had settled from our trip, we had a little nc gathering and celebrated again. and this was a bit confusing....
"i was three and now i have a birthday and i'm four."

there's so many more... and of course, when i sit down to write them, i can't remember them at all...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"the man game" cupcakes

isaac's birthday was on january 24th, but since we were in ny a) we didn't get a chance to celebrate with his nc family and b) i didn't get to make a cake for him.

the b) part was the part that was making me a little sad. i make cakes for so many other people. strangers, even. and then, when it's my own kid's birthday, i buy an $8 cake from bj's wholesale. and he didn't even like it. we picked it out because the adults at the party would like it.

before we made the spontaneous (and expensive) (and frustrating) trip to ny, isaac had been trying to decide what sort of cake he wanted. it bounced around from a chick fil a cake (whatever that is). to thomas the train. to a heart cake (which i would have talked him out of had he settled on). and then he finally decided on a "the man game" cake. which is what he calls super mario bros.

so, in an effort to keep myself sane, i went with cupcakes. and did my best at creating some memorable characters from super mario bros. mario himself looks a little crazy, but he was the last one i made and isaac's patience with my ignoring him was growing thin, and my patience with isaac's attempts to gain my attention and destroy my house was growing thin... so he'll just have to look a little crazy, i guess.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

28 weeks.

i was 28 weeks of pregnant yesterday. 12 to go.

i also received notification that my one hour glucose test came back high, so now i get to endure the delightful experience of the three hour test and hope that it was just a fluke... maybe due to excessive consumption of sweetarts the previous evening? i don't remember, but it's very likely, given my candy eating habits...

i was perusing through my blog and realized that it was around 28 weeks that i started my blog with isaac. (blog post here). so, it will be interesting to compare, down the stretch...

so. that's all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sabres cake

i was surprised to receive an order for a buffalo sabres cake (you know, since i live in winston-salem, north carolina). even though i had intended to cut back on cakes, i couldn's say no to this request....

Monday, February 8, 2010

dice and hearts

made these cupcakes to order for a valentine's (tues)day bunco extravaganza.
72 fondant dice, plus a few spares... means i'll be dreaming of fondant dice. (which would actually be a good break from the crazy pregnant dreams that i've been having...)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pinny's monster.

made this for stephanie and jeremy's baby on the way...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

some way late 3rd birthday photos

and now, for a much happier post... some pictures from isaac's birthday party in new york.

the cake (sadly, since we were in ny, i didn't create a custom creation for my own kid. maybe a small gathering with nc family so he doesn't feel slighted):
isaac's cousin, eliot, is a bit skeptical of all this birthday stuff:
opening presents:

crazy new york trip (long version)

on thursday january 21st, isaac and i embarked on a trip to batavia, new york, 14020. little did we know the fate that awaited us...

the trip up:
we had planned to leave on friday, but the local forecast didn't look too hot for the morning, so we decided to get on the road thursday night to beat the storm's arrival. we left around 5ish and planned to stop around 10 or so. we found a delightful little comfort inn in weston, wv and settled in for the night. in the middle of the night isaac started squirming and whining and coughing. the coughing worsened and then turned into throwing up. this made for not a very restful night, to say the least. but, we managed to get back to sleep and then back on the road in the morning...

we rolled into town around 2 pm. the entire ride, isaac implored me to turn around and go home. he informed me that he didn't want to see "any of those people" that i mentioned we'd see while in new york.

batavia was snowy. and cold.
and it seemed to continue to snow and be cold for the duration of our trip. dragging isaac in and out of the elements (as well as my pregnant fat self) was a daunting task, so we felt snowed in. except for the day that we went to julie redband's....

the accident:
on wednesday, we went to julie redband's to play with her kids (and some others that she keeps). then, we went out to pick up some subs (some delicious subs) and head out to visit my aunt eleanor. after carefully letting every single car in sight pass by, i pulled out of the parking lot of the deli. as i approached a red light, i slowed down. i glanced away for a moment, and when i looked back, i was pretty much ramming into an old man in a ford focus. i don't really know how it happened, but the best i can figure is he was slowing down way way way before the light, the way sometimes "older" folks tend to do. (i do still take full responsibility for the accident, i'm just trying to make sense of it all...)

insert funny isaac story here:
after the initial smashing of vehicles, isaac began to cry. i asked if he was alright, to which he replied, "i spilled my drink". while we sat and waited for the police, isaac kept apologizing, saying, "mom. i'm sorry i made a big mess back here". i reassured him that it was ok. it wasn't his fault. it was mine. then he apologized, "i'm sorry that YOU made this mess back here". funny boy.

anyhow... the damage didn't look too bad, but i was worried that i did something to the part of the car that magically makes it turn on and go. so, i had my stepdad take a look and a spin. he gave me the ok to wait until arriving back in nc before repairing it.

snow storms and delays:
between the terrible weather in north carolina that caused schools to close for nearly a week and the continuous snowing in new york, we pushed our departure day back from saturday to monday.

(here's where it gets fun)...

the trip home.
on monday morning, we packed up the sweet ride and headed on our way. we were making seriously good time and were about 4:15 into the trip when i started to hear a weird clicking sound and most of my warning lights lit up my dashboard like a christmas tree. we pulled over at the first available exit. ruff creek in pennsylvania. aka: the middle of nowhere.

i opened the hood (as if i knew about anything i was going to be looking at, only to find it completely spattered with gooey pink liquid. i'm smart enough to know that that is bad. so, i called derek....

an hour later, we wound up getting towed (which isaac greatly enjoyed) to waynesburg, PA, about 6 miles away.

upon our arrival, we learned that i would need a new radiator. (note: in PA, they pronounce radiator with a soft a sound. like radical.) the repair would take until the following afternoon. so, we secured a rental car, a kia rio, and a hotel and began our unexpected layover in the not-so-happenin' town of waynesburg, PA.

our night in the hotel was much more enjoyable this time, with both of us sleeping solidly through the night. the problem was, we had to check out at 11 and the car wouldn't be ready until "the afternoon". we found a walmart and bought snacks and a couple of toys to kill some time. then a burger king with a playground that helped us get to about 1 pm. from there, we found a library, with a great childrens section with lots and lots of toys. this would be a lifesaver.
AND, since waynesburg, PA is not on AT&T's 3G network, my phone was draining power before my eyes. the librarian let me plug my phone in and get charged up for the days 50 zillion phone calls (and endless checking of facebook out of complete boredom).

at 3:30, i got the call that my car would be ready at 4:00. we made a quick exit and got the rental gassed up, turned in and made our way to good ol' chuck's collision, where our chariot awaited us. by 4:18, we were back on the road. we arrived home a little after 10 pm. derek and lucy were happy to have us and i have never been so happy to see my house. my couch. my bed.

i'm very thankful for a lot of things. that isaac and i were ok during the accident. and the girl baby residing inside of me. that we were only a few miles from a town with a tow truck. that the town with the tow truck also had a nationwide blue ribbon shop, since our repairs are covered by insurance because they were caused by the accident. that nationwide let us split the repairs between what was needed to get back on the road and the cosmetic stuff to be completed here. the iphone (to take and mail pics to derek, to figure out where we were, to find the hotel, walmart, library, etcetera, and of course to facebook when completely bored out of my mind). the library! the great folks at chuck's that were extremely helpful and helped entertain isaac during some of the frantic moments.

the biggest tragedy of all:
in all of the madness of the day, we misplaced the beloved blue linus blanket. the last place i remember it was the hotel and there was really no other place it could be, but they don't have it (confirmed by 3 phone calls in 3 days), so it looks like it's gone for good. isaac is handling it like a champ. he has slept two nights and one nap without it, without incident. i think i'm the saddest of all. i miss the cute boy bundled up with his blanket over his face. oh well. i can't complain. the transition has been so easy.

so, thanks for bearing with my story. have a nice day!

Crazy bath hair.