Monday, March 31, 2008

adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, part b

well, we're not actually in batavia anymore. we came to buffalo on saturday to stay with my sister les-o-lie (and husband eric, and trio of dogs, shelby, ollie and louie).

we haven't really done much here. the boy likes to run barefoot through the house, because she's got an array of textures for his little toes. starting at the back of the house, the bedroom has older, berber type carpet, the kitchen has tiles, the living room is hardwood with a big fluffy carpet, then hardwood again and a less fluffy carpet in the office. there's also a number of dog beds and poofy furniture for his climbing enjoyment. other than that, and a few walks around downtown buffalo, we haven't got much to report.

tomorrow, we may or may not hang with frankie, before heading back to batavia. very boring. perhaps i will try to post pictures soon? we'll see....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

adventures of sarah and isaac in batavia, part one

it's cold in ny. it was around 32 degrees for most of the day yesterday. isaac doesn't really prefer the snow. neither do i.

we've kept ourselves pretty busy so far. my mom's house is not exactly baby friendly. there's not much space and there's a lot of stuff that he can get into. it's also got a lot of sharp edges. so, that said, we try to get out and do things for most of his awake time. get out into the cold weather. fun.

so, we've been to visit the "new isaac". julie (redband) varland just had a new baby a few weeks ago and named him isaac. it was pretty confusing for her older one, with two isaacs in the room. we also visited my aunt eleanor and uncle ray. isaac did his best to destroy their house. they didn't seem to mind. that night, we went out for pizza and wings at paulie's pizza. my collegiate sister julie and her new boyfriend came, too. then, we came home and isaac had a bath and went to bed.

yesterday, the boy was only up for about an hour before we decided that he needed more sleep. he went back down from 9:30 to 12. we met my mom for lunch at tim horton's, then we went to the salvation army, the bank, and wal-mart, before finally picking up jake at school and heading home. after a short (interrupted) nap, we bundled back up and went to my old high school, to see some old teachers and that was totally awesome.

so, i just realized that this blog post is completely boring. but, my camera is outside and all the way up the hill, so i won't be making a dedicated trip, just to post pictures. soon, i promise. until then, the boring adventures of sarah and isaac in ny will have to do.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it's up to you new york...

isaac and i made an impromptu decision to come back to ny with my mom and jake. we left this morning at 4am and arrived around 3pm in big bad batavia. isaac had an absolutely horrific day. he didn't sleep much and did cry a lot and he's now totally crashed, hopefully for a very long time.

so, i'll be falling further behind in posts and pictures. sincerest apologies.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in mourning...

i am in mourning today.

a few weeks ago, i adopted over 130 herb and vegetable seeds. i bought them some high quality dirt and some peat pots for homes. i carefully planted basil, oregano, rosemary and cilantro, tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, and butternut squash, watermelons and peppers. i labeled them. i watered them and carried them out to the sunshine everyday and brought them into the warm house every night.

a few days ago, we saw our first sprout. then another and another. and soon, there was green everywhere. i was so excited. i couldn't resist checking for new life every time i passed by.

then, last night, i fell asleep on the couch. derek woke me up and i stumbled into bed, forgetting my adoptees on the back deck. i awakened and immediately realized my mistake. as i passed through the kitchen and saw the temperature on the weather station registered 31 outside, i braced myself for the worst.

i peered out and there was no frost, giving me a glimmer of hope. but, it was a different story when i pressed my finger against the little dirt homes. each one was frozen solid. all of my young sproutlings were frozen into little dirt popsicles last night.

when the dirt thaws, i'll replant. i know that's what my sproutlings would want.

Monday, March 24, 2008

family visit update: text only version

so far...

1. we all went to kernel kustard for two meals.
2. my mom and i shopped at various discount stores (once upon a child, plato's closet, rugged warehouse).
3. jake, mom and i shopped at a more fancy store: target!
4. we all took the boys (isaac and jake) to the park.
5. mom, jake and i went for a walk with the stupid dogs (lucy and zeke).
6. carlye b. came over for some dinner and a rousing game of loaded questions (the mom won).
7. various participants played the wii, although not even close to the amount played over christmas.
8. the mom and i hit some garage sales (and scored big for isaac - a little tikes car, a sandbox and huge box of legos).
9. all of us (at first) and some of us (after it got scary) watched i am legend.
10. all of us went to church.
11. isaac learned to take off his pants and hide them behind the tv.
12. jake changed a #2 diaper. (note: he put the clean diaper on backwards - a feat i'm not sure i could accomplish).

pretty boring.
pictures to come.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

past, present and future

i have been posting a lot of pictures lately, but not much information. not that anyone really cares about the information. i'll write it anyway.

1. went to a twin city cyclones game on friday night with our youth group. it was AWESOME! i got to sit on the zamboni (i couldn't ride it when it cleaned the ice because there's not an extra seat). there were 4 fights. we formed a cheering section in the corner and when "our guy" scored the game winner, he skated over to us and jumped up into the glass as we pounded away. that was sweet. enjoyed some nachos. threw some rubber pucks onto the ice. um, it was pretty much the best night ever.
2. had the "new" truck in for some repairs. nothing bad. just making sure it doesn't explode on the way to or from target or food lion. hopefully, after an alignment, we'll be set for awhile and car payment free...
3. purchased some new furniture. long story. while cleaning aforementioned truck (suv), i got some "gook" on my shoe. then i sat on the couch, smearing the gook onto the couch. an attempt to clean left a large discolored area on the couch. the loveseat has been broken for several years, so it was time to replace. the new furniture is red. it arrived this afternoon. isaac didn't like it at first, but he's ok with it now.
4. isaac's been doing a lot of playing outside. he loves outside. hates inside. he bangs on the door and cries when we don't "let him out" with lucy. he would play outside all day long.

1. i'm lying on the new giant chaise lounge chair. it's gaining an advantage in my internal struggle between nostalgia (old comfy couch) and, well, sweet, red, new couch.
2. i am not sleepy, despite the late hour, due to a 9:00 cup of brew nerds house blend. smart.

1. babysitting cora again tomorrow. makes for a busy day. but, it's fun and it helps a friend out. and isaac learns to share. sort of. share or be bitten, i guess. :)
2. deb and jake (gramma and uncle) arrive tomorrow afternoon/night from ny for some good times.
3. church on friday night. good friday night.

and that's what's going down around here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

some shots

Isaac likes to dig through the cabinets for hidden treasures. On this particular occasion, the treasure was an old cookie sheet. He carried it around all day. Pretty exciting...
He's getting a little more brave than I would like. He likes to stand on the objects that he climbs (couch, bed, tables, etc). He's had a couple of falls, but it doesn't really seem to phase him.
We tried eating at the grownup table yesterday. It went ok. Well, I take that back. It went just as well as feeding with the high chair goes. Most of the food gets fed to Lucy and within 5 minutes, he was ready to get down.
But, I did manage to get a couple of cute shots of the boy at the table. Here's one. (Because I can only post 4 at a time, using picasa.)...

In other news, I just saw a Dan Marino commercial with Larry the Cable Guy. What is this world coming to?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

70 degrees

it's beee-autiful today, so some pals of mine and their kids went to the park this afternoon.

isaac and me on the swing:
heather and livy. this was livy's first trip to the park!
isaac grinning.
judi and the fat dog (alden).

amy and her girls were also there, but i didn't get a shot of them.

a good time and now the boy is fast asleep.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7 random facts

so, normally, i would just ignore this little tag game, but i didn't want to leave judi hanging. we all know how sensitive she is.

so, without further ado... 7 random facts about me...

1. i am a complete music junkie. i can pull up a song lyric pertaining to almost any situation. my tastes cover nearly all genres and it's quite random. check my ipod for proof.
2. i wore the same jeans everyday for one month in high school. so did sarahpowers. i don't know if anyone noticed. if they did, i don't think they cared. and if they cared, they probably realized that i did not care.
3. this fact is not unknown, or even random, but it's a fact nonetheless: i heart all manner of candy. sweetarts, sprees, gummi bears, sour patch kids, gobstoppers, nerds, jellybeans, mike and ike (and all related friends), swedish fish, blow pops, fun dip, pixie sticks, laffy taffy... need i go on?
4. i was nearly an art major in college. i chose math because it was more practical. and i thought that art major could only lead to teaching art, and... who wants to be a high school teacher??? (note: irony).
5. i love to smell isaac's feet. even when they smell bad.
6. my favorite color is wildcat blue, more commonly known as royal blue. my college's colors were royal blue and gray and we looked a lot like the ghetto version of the kentucky wildcats. we even painted our kitchen wildcat blue.
7. i have a garden. well, not currently. currently, i have seeds in peat pots. but, i will have a garden soon. and it will provide veggies. and i will be happy.

well, there you have it. the people i wish to tag at this time, to complete a list themselves are: lorena and jennyigotyournumber (for laughing at me about doing this) and thepennerpack and jessie d and thepittmans (because it's only words - no pictures) and debbiethemom and thejohnsonfamily. :)

you're welcome. and, if you choose not to, i will not be offended, like joooodi.

isaac and cora in pictures

here's some shots of isaac and cora today.




he didn't take an afternoon nap, so i'm not really thinking that tonight is going to go very well....
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dos bambinos

isaac's friend cora is staying with us today. they are not speaking to each other after an unfortunate cheerio biting incident. that, and because neither of them speaks, technically. details to come....

Monday, March 10, 2008

isaac sr.

here's a shot of derek when he was a young boy....

locked in

we are without a vehicle today.
scratch that. we are without carseat today.

the rodeo is having another checkup to make sure it's in decent working order, so isaac and i are stuck in the house today. after lunch, we got a little stir crazy and ventured out into the backyard. isaac loves to be outside. but, then we had a run in with one of lucy's landmines and had to come in and clean up.

anyhow. here's some pictures.




Friday, March 7, 2008

stripes, outdoors, and the perch

here are some recent shots of the bubba. in fact, i think they might all be from yesterday. anyhoo...

here's an early morning shot. lookin' good...
outside, in the nice afternoon weather, collecting frisbees:
up close and outside:
best seat in the house:

our new wheels

here's a shot of the isuzu rodeo we just bought on ebay. we scored a pretty sweet deal on it and the mechanic gave it a clean bill of health, so we're pretty excited about it.
we are getting rid of the element for several reasons:
1. i am not going back to school in the fall and this frees up some car payment money.
2. i hated the element doors. if someone parked to close, it was nearly impossible to get the boy in and out.
3. i hated the element back seat. it was so far back away from the door, that getting the boy in and out has been difficult. when he was rear-facing, i had to get all the way in and out of the car everytime. now that he's bigger and foward-facing, it's not as bad, but i think that it will get harder and harder as he gets heavier and taller.
4. also, since i'm staying home next year, i don't need an ultra-reliable vehicle. i have a cellphone and it's not like we venture out very far these days... an old, used rodeo can do the job.

that said -- anyone want an element?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


isaac has absolutely no fear when it comes to hurling himself off things. at the park, he LOVES to go down the slide.
the head first approach occasionally doesn't work out so well, like when he face plants at the bottom. or when he tries the curly slide and hits his head on every seam on the way down.

Monday, March 3, 2008

definitely NOT napping, part II

today's second nap was an exact replica of yesterday's nap. only this time, when i went to get the boy out of his crib, i came prepared. see below.

saturday afternoon's alright for partying

isaac's cousin caison celebrated his 3rd birthday with a party on saturday. here are some shots of the birthday boy and isaac at the party.

isaac seemed to enjoy the cake just slightly more than he did at his own birthday.

but, he didn't eat the cake. instead he crushed it in his little fists.

he almost made off with this open can of pop, left by some unsuspecting party-goer.

caison, while unattended and admiring his cake, let his appetite and curiosity get the best of him and got a head start on the cake. let the records show that he did keep his "hands off!"

Not really sure when it's ok to blow out the candles...

Ok, NOW!

Digging in, in true 3 year old fashion...

Opening of the many gifts... with help from friends and family.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

15 Minute Recharge

Apparently, Isaac only needs 15 minutes of nap per day.

He woke up around 7:45 this morning and we headed to church at 9:30 or so. He had a complete and total meltdown in the toddler room, amplified by the fact that he knew I was next door in the toddler room. I switched places with a toddler room worker, but Isaac still had a pretty rough time with the rest of the (older and bigger) toddlers.

After church, he ran around, full throttle, for about 45 minutes with Dad, while we cleaned the toddler room. We hopped in the car and headed to Chipotle with Carlye and Steph (who, incidentally, are also both addicted to Lost), and Chris. Isaac ate approximately one chicken (mc)nugget and six french fries. After this (we're at about 1:15 by now), we headed to Kernel Kustard to try out the flavor of the day. Isaac fell asleep en route.

He slept for about 15 minutes at KK, while we savored some delicious Cupcake Kustard, complete with actual frosting, sprinkles and cake. When he woke, we headed home, where I gave the boy a bottle and put him in bed. For the next 1 1/2 to 2 hours, Isaac entertained himself and us with singing, talking, banging, and making various noises. Around 4:00 pm, I decided that I'd rather he just stay up and go to bed early, so I headed up to get him.

He had cleared out his crib. Everything was overboard. He was holding onto the edge of his crib and running in place. As fast as he could. He saw me and went wild. He started laughing and running, back and forth in his crib. He was out of control! It was awesome. (Sorry there's no pics or videos to accompany this story).

We went to visit Derek's mom and dad, came home and ate and he was completely crashed by 7:10. He is wide open.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

tommy boy.... on tbs right now.

best. movie. ever.