Saturday, January 31, 2009

New robot shirt

Isaac recently outgrew his old robot shirt, so I pulled a 'blank' shirt from his closet and attached some random felt pieces like so...
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

the harley

a couple of weeks ago, we received a hand-me-down (of a hand-me-down) harley davidson kids ride-on toy. for isaac's birthday, we splurged on new batteries to he could actually make it go, although he was perfectly content to just sit on in in the garage for 15 minutes at a time.

anyhow, the batteries came and we got them charged up (taking care of them is the equivalent of having a pet). at first, isaac was not too crazy about the harley. but, when we said, "ok, let's go in then", he changed his tune. he rode in backwards and forwards in circles all over the driveway, except for the one time he straightened it out and rode straight into the the garage wall.
never fear, he found that to be completely humorous...

some pictures of the happy harley rider:
and a video:

Monday, January 26, 2009

livy's party

some shots of livy enjoying/destroying my creation...
isaac had his eye on this duck from the start of the party. towards the end, he finally climbed on the table and helped himself. heather gave him the ok to keep it and he kept it firmly in his clutches all the way home:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

livy's cake(s)

livy turns one tomorrow, so she gets two cakes...

one for the party-goers:
and one for her to smash:

happy birthday isaac, volume 4: presents!

finally, the shots of the gift opening.

from aunt madge (an. nash.) - an art supply kit (complete with a paw print (blues clues) stamp):
from the aunt/uncle/cousins - cooking utensils (the spatula is a big hit!):
from paw paw - play doh (and not shown: a play doh fun factory and watercolor paints):
and from mom and dad - a vintage robot:
he also scored some kinder-music lessons from derek's parents and we picked up some batteries for a hand-me-down ride on harley that we scored from some church peeps...

happy birthday isaac, volume 3: the robot cake

we had the party last night. here's the cake shots.

checking it out, deciding if he's allowed to "eat this?"...
trying (unsuccessfully) to blow out the candles. he wasn't really blowing. just making the face:
eating w/ fork:
and w/o fork:
overall, the cake festivities went quite smoothly. he likes when we "sting hattee dirtday" and he likes cake. well, the frosting anyway. i think he left the actual cake untouched. a boy after my own heart...

Friday, January 23, 2009

happy birthday isaac, volume 2: a friendly lunch

after bounce u, we headed back to my house, where emerson, alden, and livy and their respective parents joined us for a little lunch and cupcakes. it was very low key and fun.

here's isaac with his cupcake:
cora, devouring hers:
alden and livy taking in the action from the floor (in the cupcake free zone):
and emerson, with a nice smile:

happy birthday isaac, volume 1: bounce U

for part 1 of isaac's birthday celebration, we went to bounce u this morning with cora and cora's mom, gretchen. isaac ran and jumped and went down the slide to his little heart's content. and he got extremely flushed and sweaty. cora wasn't a huge huge fan, but she liked watching the other kids and even decided she might actually like sliding towards the very end...

anyhoooo, it was hard to get good shots, due to the nature of bouncy playing (lots of turned heads and backs and falling down and, well, motion...)
here's cora with gretchen:
and blurry isaac sliding:
and playing:
and dismounting:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"whoa-dot" cake

here's some shots of isaac's robot cake for his birthday. he turns two on saturday, but we're partying tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

baking and coloring

isaac helped make his birthday cake this morning:
and then he did a little coloring:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

massive snowfall*


we checked out the first snowfall of the year this morning, when isaac finally arose from his beauty sleep. he seemed to like it at first, but refused to wear gloves and a hat, so i think the cold got to him quickly. as you'll see in the "unhappy" shot. we actually have quite a few unhappy shots, but i thought i would portray a more picturesque first snow experience...


whenever i make anything, isaac wants to sit on the counter ("right there") and "hep mama"...
sometimes, help can come in the form of putting in some ingredients and/or stirring. other times (usually) it means licking beaters and poking fingers into tasty looking batters or ingredients (like sugar, which he calls "rice").

anyhow, here are some shots of isaac "helping" me make some biscotti.


new favorite food: "doh-naaaa-nahhhh":




(with cheerios)
(with robot)