Thursday, June 28, 2007

More swimming in the lake

After a long (hot) walk yesterday, we hopped in the lake to cool off.
The boy loved this activity, also.
We went swimming in a pool after this. He's becoming quite the little water baby.


We went out on the lake in the boat yesterday. The boy loved it.
Here are some shots.

I want to hold the camera:

Feeling the wind:

My SWEET bathing suit:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Testing the Lake Waters

We went to the beach at the lake today. Here's some shots.

In the Kiddie Cabin Kruiser:

After some tasty sand:

Eh, I can take it or leave it.


As always, there are plenty more pictures on Picasa....

Photos and Updates from NY.

At the request of my "southern friends", I am posting some pictures.
First, here's an update. So far, we've:

1. visited Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ray.
2. visited Gramps and Carolyn.
3. visited sarahpowers's mom and dad.
4. gone to the Batavia Wal-mart. Soon to be a Super Wal-mart.
5. gone to the grocery store for baby food.
6. made s'mores. (isaac slept through this).
7. fed the fish.
8. visited Julie(Redband)Varland.
9. purchased and swam in a kiddie pool.
10. purchased a baby life vest for boating on the lake.
11. gone for a walk to a natural spring.

I think that's it. I'll try to keep the pictures coming.
In the meantime, these will have to do:

Asleep in the car on the trip up:

First Pok-a-dot trip:


Being cute:

Getting fed by (Aunt) Julie:

Playing on the deck:


Friday, June 22, 2007

Batavia, NY

We are in Batavia.
We made a last minute decision to split the drive up across two days. We drove the first 7 hours yesterday afternoon and night (it took 9.5 hours). Then we drove the last 3 hours this morning (that took 3.5 hours). He was a good traveller at times and not-so-good at other times. He wanted to sleep, but he has a hard time putting himself to sleep in his car seat. Overall, I would have to say, it was better than I anticipated. Derek concurs.

Now, we're here. Chillin' with the boy's grams, uncle and step-gramps. We're trying to get him adjusted to the different surroundings and figure out the logistics of sleeping, napping, living, etcetera in my parents TINY cottage. I think the best scenario involves moving the pack and play every morning and night.

Isaac and I will be here until July 9th-ish. Derek will be here for most of that, except for a flight back to put in a few days at work. It's about 70 and breezy. It's refreshing. Derek loves it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nap Update

Isaac slept for 15 minutes in the nap mentioned at the end of the last post.
Then, he was up until... well... now. He's still up, but he's trying to go to sleep for the night.

We were a little touch and go around 4:00 or 4:30. It was a blur. It was screaming that reminded me of old Isaac. Nothing worked. Not being alone. Not playing. Not eating. Not walking around. Finally, we packed up and went to Costco for a change of scenery. He wasn't happy about this, but he didn't scream. He was still grumpy when we got home, but at least he wasn't screaming anymore. He had an early dinner and bedtime prep started early, but I think it was needed. For him and for me.

So, that's the status. Time to regroup....

Nap Mania

Isaac woke up a little before 5:00 am.
I wasn't sure if I should:
a) get him up and feed him and start the day.
b) feed him as though it were a night waking from his earlier days.
c) let him try to go back to sleep.

I opted for choice c.
He tried and tried to go back to sleep. I left the room, because he tossed and turned and cried a little at every creak of the bed or ruffle of the sheets.
I checked on him around 6 am, and he looked up at me with big sad eyes, thumb stuffed in his mouth, seeming to say, "I'm trying Mom, I really am".
So, I got him up and we started the day.

He went down for his first nap around 7:30 and slept for two hours.
He ate and was grumpy. He took another short nap.
We went to Target. We got home. He was still grumpy, so he took another nap.
This nap lasted about 1:15. He woke up. He ate. He cried a lot. He tried to take naps in various places. I put him in his pack and play (his crib up until now). He screamed. We tried more napping alternatives. None of them seemed to suit him. Finally, I think the tiredness overwhelmed him and he agreed to the pack and play on the second time around. So, he's fast asleep for yet another nap.
I don't know what to do with him today. He's crabby.

I think I'll take a nap now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Skillz

Isaac has been working hard on the following skills:

1. He is trying very hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth and plops back down. Sometimes he gets his legs moving and keeps his arms locked in place and accomplishes a face plant. Sometimes he accidentally rolls over. Just today, I noticed him getting up on his feet a little bit. He's ready to be on the move.

2. Sitting up. He can balance for awhile, but then usually tumbles over to the side. It's quite amusing. We took this sweet video of one of his attempts at big people sitting. I like the end when he throws his hand up as if to say, "I'm ok!"

3. Spitting. I think the proper term is "razzing". In any case, when he's getting tired of something (being on the changing table, being awake, eating, etc), he puts his little lips together and razzes. It's cute, but I know he's just trying to show me his disgust.

4. Trying new foods. We had peas today. He loved them. He ate them ravenously. Our menu now includes: carrots, peas, pears, maybe prunes (he's had prune juice), oatmeal, and of course milk and formula. It's exciting. This video captures some eating and some razzing (#3). It's a little shaky because I was videoing and feeding at the same time.

Monday, June 18, 2007


fun game here.
i got 36,350 on my first try.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mmmm, carrots.

We tried carrots today. They were a hit!

Don't they just seem delicious?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

4 videos

Here's some videos of the boy:
1. playing peek-a-boo with dad
2. on all fours, now what? (long).
3. showcasing the full range of motion...

and an old video of jake paine:
4. i need two houses (it starts over about 20 seconds in).

One MEELLION dollars!!!

Some pics from the vault:

about 4 weeks old, I think:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Solid foods, again

We got the ok to give the monster solid foods a couple of weeks ago.
We tried, but we also introduced formula a few times a day, and this wreaked havoc with the boy's system. (It plugged him up).
So, we rewound and just dealt with the formula switch. Now, he's ready to try again. The doc suggested oatmeal over rice cereal, so we made a go of it this morning. He seemed to enjoy it, but it was short lived. When he resumed playing, the little bit of oatmeal that he consumed came right back out. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some Cute Monster Pics

Bath fun (kicking):

Muscle Shirt:

He loves to see himself in the mirror:

Sweet Bathtime Mohawk:

Cat Naps

I think the boy is a licensed cat napper.
He's on his 4th nap of the day.
He slept from 8:00 until 9:00.
And from 10:30 until 11:30.
And from 1:15 until 2:00.
And he just went to sleep around 3:30.**
I have given up on following any of the books or websites that detail a napping plan that keeps the baby up for two hours and then expects 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep out of them before a perfectly timed feeding every 4 hours. The monster runs his own show.

**update: he got up around 4:15.

baby kaleb

this ruined my day.
i've been hugging the boy all morning.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I turned in my keys, cleaned out my room, handed in my gradebook and it's final: I'm officially a 100% stay-at-home mom.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Mom

Happy Birthday to my Mom.
Who is also The Grandma.
The End.

Blow Pops

My favorite Blow Pop flavors:

1. Blue Razzberry
2. Pink Lemonade (i'm not sure they make them anymore)
3. Sour Apple
4. Black Cherry
5. Cherry

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Boy - A Slideshow

I discovered that I can do slideshows of Picasa albums. Here's Isaac's 4 Month album:

Picture Time

Chillin' on the floor with a toy:

Chillin' on the couch before a big day at the doctor:

Getting kisses from mom:

Flying high:

Wearing his "Mom's Monster" shirt (and making a funny face):

Cozy Naptime:

Baby's First Teacher Workday

I took Isaac to school today. We had a teacher workday and Jena couldn't take him.
Another teacher brought her teenage daughter to school and she watched him while I went to a (my last) faculty meeting. He was crabby, but she managed.

He took a little nap on the floor of my classroom (on a blanket, that is). Then, we went to lunch. The boy made lots of friends and flashed his cute smile at everyone. Soon, he let me know that the party was over and he was ready to go home. He's been sleeping since we got home. I think all the excitement wore him down.

One more day of wrapping up my affairs with Forbush High School and I am home free! It's exciting.

Lorena blogged about her day with Isaac yesterday. Check out her blog here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Last Exam

My last exam is today. I can't wait to stay at home with this boy:

Check out these videos:
Irish Dancing (For Julie) and Our Semi-Mobile Boy

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My boy wants to party all the time...

We had a busy busy weekend.
We started it off on Saturday midmorning with some yard sale hopping. At one sale, we purchased a thermal onesie and a singing Elmo (it sings "Elmo's World"). At another, we picked up what appeared to be a grandmother's library collection for her granddaughter. I was picking out some of books of better quality and appearance when said grandmother told me to take them all for $2. It was quite a steal. I scooped them up and peeled two fresh one dollar bills from my yard sale stash and was on my way. Now, if only the little man would NOT CRY whenever he was sitting still, maybe we could start reading to him.
After a post yard sale nap, we packed the boy up again, and went grocery shopping. He likes grocery shopping. All the old ladies stop and play with him and he gives his best and cutest scrunched nose smile.
After another nap, we headed to the wedding shower of Derek's friend Stephen and fiancee, Correne. At this point, Isaac was at his limit for excitement on the day. He was ok at first, but began to get crabby, eventually became angry and then turned to complete meltdown. We wisked him away and off to sleep he went.

Today, we skipped out on church, because the morning nap didn't seem to indicate that life in the nursery would be very enjoyable. Derek went and represented the family. We laid low all afternoon, before heading out to a party at Josiah's house. (Isaac's friend). We were supposed to have a church party, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather, so Josiah's parents had a few of us over to share our pot luck side dishes with each other. Isaac played with Josiah and test drove his walker. He didn't like walking in it, but he liked the toys and liked getting pushed around.
He started getting a little tired and grumpy, so we headed out and he fell fast asleep on the ride home. He's now sleeping away in his bed after a busy partying weekend.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Last Friday

I taught my last class today.
We have four days of exams next week and that's it.
I'll be a full time mom. (except for a couple of workdays).
It's crazy.