Friday, November 20, 2009

eliot's baby gift christmas present

so, when i found out that lesolie (sister) was going to have a brand new baby girl, i had the bright idea to try my hand at quilting. leslie was not gung-ho about all the pink baby girl items on the market, so i searched for some skull pink stuff and a cool pattern to quilt said skull pink fabric into...

too cheap to purchase a pattern, i opted to wing it. within about 15 minutes, i became overwhelmed (frustrated) and gave up for a bit. this was about a year ago.

when i started to think about christmas gifts, i couldn't help but think of the money i'd already sunk into this project and thought i would see if i couldn't resurrect it. so, after a whole very lot of trial and error and internet research and asking around... here's the final product. it's about 3'x4'. i'm fairly pleased. the verdict is still out on whether i'll be quilting again in the near future...

please disregard my terrible (rushed) photography....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

another isaac-ism.

yesterday, after a drawn out battle over taking a nap, isaac informed me that i "was on his last nervous".

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

christmas wishlist.

me: isaac, what do you want for christmas?

isaac: nothing.

me: i thought you said you wanted "hiro" the train?

isaac: i do want hiro the train.

me: for christmas?

isaac: no. for my train set.

Monday, November 9, 2009

conversations with the boy...

isaac has been pretty much cracking me up lately. due to his grasp of the english language and his little independent self, some funny conversations arise...

conversation number 1:
background: isaac is pretty much potty trained. the only time he ever has an accident is when he's in the basement playing with his trains. and it's always #2. a few weeks ago, he was playing away and i heard him come running up the stairs and he announced he was peeing. sometimes, he fails to put his underwear back on, and only puts his pants back on. he heads back down to play with trains... here is where our story begins...

isaac: MOoooooOOO--oOOOOoooOo-OOOOOOMMMMMMMMmmm!!!!!
me: whaaaa-aaaaa---aAAAaaaa---a--T??
isaac: i Poooooo-ooOOOooOo--ooooppppped!
me: get up here RIGHT now!
isaac: i can't. i need you to come carry me!

i get downstairs and realize that he had, in fact, not put underwear back on and did, in fact, go #2. with nothing to catch said #2, it had made it's way down his pant legs and onto the floor and he didn't want to move because it would touch his legs. i can't blame him. i ran down, scooped him up, and started up the stairs, ranting yosemite sam style.

me: i'm really tired of you going potty in your pants in the basement. if you can't come upstairs to use the potty, then maybe you shouldn't play with your trains down here for awhile. no more trains today. you're big enough... you know better... (and so on).
isaac (cuts me off): MOM! quit making that TERRIBLE noise!!

i had to exercise my best restraint to not laugh. i don't think he knows a word for yelling, but that was the closest he could get. a terrible noise.

conversation number 2:
background: i'm on the phone with his doctor's office about flu shots. he's (again) in the potty. and starts screaming...

me: what's wrong?
isaac: my underwear is stuck in my butt!!
lady on the phone: well, no one likes when that happens.

another unknown term identified: the wedgie.

i thought i had another tale to tell, but it escapes me at the moment. feel free to remind me in the comments, if you've heard one lately....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

baby kessler's cupcakes

Tarheel Wolfpack monster

Made this two sided monster for baby kessler, whose parents'
collegiate alliances are divided.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bedtime conversations.

Isaac is now in a "big boy bed" (our old queen matress on the floor), so we can use the crib for Lidbom baby 2.0. this means we end up spending a lot of time "helping" him unwind.

Last night, I was laying in the dark with him. He was wearing some snowman footie jammies and i was wearing jeans and tshirt. When Isaac realized this was not appropriate bedtime attire, this conversation ensued:

Isaac: do you wanna put on your snow man jammies?

Me: i don't have snow man jammies.


Isaac: maybe we can buy you some snow man jammies at the target.

I love that he thinks the target is a magical place where we can buy whatever our heart desires.

Sunday, November 1, 2009