Tuesday, March 31, 2009

swimming and the kernel

yesterday, we had our first swim of the new swim season, along with some friends. isaac was a bit unsure at first, but after a few minutes, he was all in. then we went to the kernel for a fun lunch before heading home to crash. the pictures didn't come out as well as i had hoped....


jena's newest kids (they wore each other OUT!):
isaac spent most of his time throwing this big ball back and forth over the rope and then subsequently retrieving it...

heather and livy:
isaac is friends with jena again!!
we had lunch at the kernel and ran into bianca (and parents), where we convened around the scenic water fountain.

more park playing...

i'm not even going to try to write anything funny or make up catchy titles for my endless stream of park pictures. i just like to take pictures at the park, because the lighting is good and isaac is happy. :)





Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring days

now that the weather is getting nice (not including today or yesterday), we've been heading to the park just about everyday. it's super close (although, it's quite frustrating that we can't walk to it, due to a lack of sidewalks on lewisville-clemmons road). and it's really great for smaller kids. i take zillions of pictures because the light is great and isaac makes cute concentrating faces....

bean construction site

new friend.

a couple of nights ago, we went to kernel kustard to meet up with our life group on the night off. there was another family from our church there, with their son, and he and isaac hit it off. their love of climbing and jumping and living dangerously is their bond.

Monday, March 23, 2009


isaac has been taking kindermusik lessons on friday mornings. he started off shy. then for a few weeks, he followed right along. now he just does whatever he feels like doing the whole time. which isn't bad, except that some of the other kids tend to follow him around when he's off on his explorations.

here are some shots of him at class:

walking around the circle, presumably to some music.

paying close attention during story time. this was his best story time so far.

playing the sand blocks. there will be a pinched finger, shortly.

lying on the floor. one of his favorite activities.

standing in the middle of the circle, watching all of the other kids do what they are supposed to do.

Friday, March 20, 2009

latest robot

made for tony and melysa's baby.
due in may.
a boy.
he'd better like it.

chillin' at the playground

during the recent nice weather, we've headed to the playground as much as possible. for one, it keeps my house clean. for two, the boy loves it. for three, it's nice to be outside. so, here are some pictures of the adventures...

demonstrating how to go down the ladder:
playing with a car in the dirt:a sweet mid-jump shot:coming down this weird climbing apparatus. i hold my breath everytime.exiting the tunnel:
all of the pictures you see here happened before isaac had his big collision with a boy on a swing. i'm hoping that he learned his lesson and i won't have to remind him fifty times a day not to walk too close to the swings....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

rubik's cube.

here's the cake for crysane's sweet 16 party. it was 80's themed.
the cake was ridiculously massive.

unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures, and i hijacked this one from facebook.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

see that rock?

yesterday (that last of the beautiful days), carlye, isaac and i piled into the rodeo and headed off to pilot mountain for a little bit of outdoor fun. i brought the backpack for isaac to ride in style. little did i know that he would walk/run/climb the entire way (and scream for the 100 feet that he traveled via aforementioned backpack).
we hiked around the rocky protrusion at the top of the mountain. isaac asked us dozens of times, "see that rock?". hence the blog title.
here are some shots... chillin' with carlye:

grinning before his climb:

insisting on walking along a tiny little bitty ledge. much to carlye's dismay.

checking out a ladybug up close and personal:

happily admiring another ladybug. there were millions.

more ladybug examination. notice the empty backpack.

climbing down:


isaac's version of "helping mom cook" has been getting progressively more and more messy.
someday he'll understand that this is not helping. for now, i'll let him get away with it, because he's pretty cute.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

at the park with some penners

some pictures of our park visit with 3/8 of the penner clan:

chicken head

(it's actually a duck, i suppose, but that isn't as much fun).