Thursday, March 12, 2009

see that rock?

yesterday (that last of the beautiful days), carlye, isaac and i piled into the rodeo and headed off to pilot mountain for a little bit of outdoor fun. i brought the backpack for isaac to ride in style. little did i know that he would walk/run/climb the entire way (and scream for the 100 feet that he traveled via aforementioned backpack).
we hiked around the rocky protrusion at the top of the mountain. isaac asked us dozens of times, "see that rock?". hence the blog title.
here are some shots... chillin' with carlye:

grinning before his climb:

insisting on walking along a tiny little bitty ledge. much to carlye's dismay.

checking out a ladybug up close and personal:

happily admiring another ladybug. there were millions.

more ladybug examination. notice the empty backpack.

climbing down:


jena said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a fun day. KaiaRose immediately smashes ladybugs. But she doesn't try to eat them anymore... progress!

Jude said...

I ♥ the lady bug shots... and I really do, I was not just saying that so as to use my cute ♥... ;)