Monday, April 5, 2010

one month away...

8 months of pregnancy in the books.

1 left. give or take a few days, i suppose.

i feel like we have so much to do. which is funny, because we cut out a lot of the to-do's that we had with isaac. since, apparently, the world doesn't end if the nursery isn't ready for a photo shoot when you bring the baby home. and kitchen towels can double as burp cloths. and diapers can go in the trash just as easily as a diaper genie.

but, we do still need to buy some bottles. and a car seat. :)

our to-do list mostly consists of stuff that has nothing to do with the baby, but we know will be put on hold indefinitely if we wait until her arrival... like when i didn't clean the house for 18 or so months after isaac was born. :)

that's the story. one month left.

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The Redfields said...

What kind of bottles are you looking for? I may still have some in my stash! I'd be glad for you to have them -- and mark one more thing off the list!