Saturday, February 3, 2007

Better Night

We had a much better night last night...
The boy slept from 11 until 2ish. Then we fed him and he chilled back out and slept with me from 4 until 7am. It wasn't great sleep, but sleep it was (for me, that is).

This morning, however, is a different tale. He's not really slept much at all. He finally just conked out about a half hour ago, so hopefully Derek and I can get a little rest. So, without further ado, I'm going to rest....

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Jenn W. Stevens said...

Get any and all rest you can, let the laundery go, let whatever you feel you need to, will be there later on when Baby Isaac is sleeping better. The two of you will be fine tomorrow, I know how frightning it can be because when Kevin went back to work, I was terrified but we were fine. :)
It is just a big adjustment. :)
Love you all,