Monday, April 7, 2008

happy to be home

i think the boy is happy to be back in his normal environment.

i'm trying to lay low for a few days, since he's been on the go for quite awhile. of course, if the weather gets a little nicer, we'll definitely head out to the park. or at least the backyard.


~stevesgurl~ said...

We are happy that you are back in your normal environment. If the weather gets nice, maybe we will meet you at said park! :) Right now though, we are trying to get over our colds! :(

Jessie said...

Welcome home. He looks like he is so happy to be home. That chair he is standing on looks really comfortable.

p.s. I love all the retro pics.

Deb said...

I think he's just putting on a good front - he really misses all of us terribly!

Grand MOM