Friday, April 18, 2008

happy birthday cora!

cora is one today.
i made some cakes. well, sort of.
i decorated a costco cake for the guests.
i made and decorated a "personal" cake for the guest of honor.

see below:



Jessie said...

That is a super cute cake. Andrew's birthday is coming up and he would like a pirate cake. ARGHHHHHH

~stevesgurl~ said...

That looks really great!! I wish I could have been there to help you. IT would have been tons of fun! But now you know, you can have a cake decorating business without me! :)

jena said...

Awesome cake. You can do math and are creative too... some people get all the good stuff!

I spent the week with Cora's mom at the bookfair at her school. She is so sweet. And she knows a secret about the pack of penners....