Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vacation Updates

So, we're in Banner Elk.
It's been fun, thus far.

Yesterday, we headed to Boone and hung out there for a little while. The boy rode around in the backpack like a trooper. We went swimming here in the afternoon, then headed out for dinner.

Today, we almost went to Grandfather Mountain but decided not to go upon learning of the $14 entrance fee per adult. We went to Blowing Rock instead and walked around and had lunch. The boy was worn out and fell asleep on the ride home and is still sleeping now.

I'll post pictures later, as I just heard the first sounds of an awakening little man...


Jude said...

We love the backpack too... except when a certain baby learned they could pull mommy's hair to get her attention... Hope you guys are having a great vacation! :)

Anonymous said...

I think we charged you folks too little for the timeshare - you are having more fun per dollar than is allowed. Seriously - we are very pleased that you find it relaxing. Tell Derek that the speed of the Internet is throttled to force him to slow down even further.