Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Month In Review

Isaac will turn seven months tomorrow.
Here's a review of the last month in pictures.


jena said...

He is way cute. And I don't mean the kind of cute when a friend says, "ya... cute kid". I mean really, he is too cute.

Briley went to middle school for a half day yesterday. Oh my, is his world, I mean, our world about to change. He may have to come live with you. I only know how to parent the little ones.

Can't wait to see Isaac Sunday. Ya, ya, can't wait to see you too!

sarah said...

um. well. um. yeah.

we won't be there.
we're going to the mountains in a few hours until sometime next week.

but we'll see you the week after that. :)

Mishi said...

Sarah - he is such a beautiful boy! I love seeing all of these pictures and hearing about Isaac's adventures!
Michelle (Utica - SUNYIT)

grk said...

love the blue eyes.