Thursday, February 7, 2008

this week's (un)events

it's been a relatively boring week at our house.

on monday, i got to meet baby livy when i took the barrier family a homecooked meal. she's quite cute and apparently she sleeps all the time. i'm jealous.

tuesday, isaac and i went to the park, since it was very nice out. derek stayed home from work because he was sick, so i got to go to the gym while isaac napped. that was exciting.

wednesday, i took isaac to the gym while i got a little cardio action in. when i picked him up, he was crying pretty hard and i felt bad. then, i tutored and went to life groups.

on tap for today: we're going to pick up some groceries to make some valentine's treats for lora's party tomorrow. friday cake day will probably be moved to my house so we can make a trip to kernel kustard's for the flavor of the day. i tutor tonight and then i plan on watching episode 2 of season 4 of lost. and i'm very excited about that.

and that's an update from our boring house.


~stevesgurl~ said...

I am looking forward to cake day and hopefully I will be feeling well enough to make it to kernel kustards too! I want a cheeseburger and some custard. Fudge peanut butter pie. Yummy!!

Hope your day will get more exciting.

Deb said...

Sounds busy to me. If I had that much to do, I'd update MY blog.

I neeeeed some Kernal Kustard when we come down next time.

Love, MOM

Jude said...

Have fun making cakes. I am looking forward to the park with you guys soon. :) I didn't know they posted the Flavor of the Day... I just thought Lorena went there enough to know them! ROFLOL!! :)

jen said...

I wish my week had gone a little more that way....