Friday, February 29, 2008

goings on

it's been quite busy around here. sort of. i guess.

on thursday, i subbed at forbush. that evening, we went to statesville to pick up a car that we bought. we're getting rid of the element, if anyone wants it. the reason? well, that's a story for another time.

of course, we watched lost when we got back. wow.

today, isaac and i tried to go a consignment baby sale, but decided not to when we got there too early (i mis-remembered the start time) only to find about 50 moms and kids just standing in line, waiting for the best deal. it's crazy.

then, we had a lunch meeting at brewnerds/kernel kustard.
this evening, we went to see derek's mom, aunt and pawpaw. isaac showed off.

and that's the short and sweet (about to fall asleep) version of the last couple of days.


...Is Johnson said...

How was subbing? Sorry that you misremembered the start time of the sale. You mean to tell us that you did not stand in line for a deal? Anyway....sounds like you had a good day:)

Rachel said...

What are the reaasons of selling the Element? I know someone who may be buying one in the near future--do you have warnings against it?