Friday, February 8, 2008

cross platform toys

Isaac likes to Mix 'n Match his toys. In the example below, he's placed a Little People giraffe into his ball popper. This combination did not give desirable results. The popper will not pop while also providing a home for the giraffe. In related news, the popper WILL blow out cheerios and goldfish crackers, should they somehow find themselves inside the popper.

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~stevesgurl~ said...

I hope you are able to get that out!! Just so you know, my perfect acting boy woke up from his nap especially grumpy. Go figure! Can't he just have one complete day of good mood?? Also, I had to resort to my glasses. I almost didn't make it home as my left eye was squeezing shut as hard as it could while burning and my right eye was trying to follow right behind. I had to take my contacts out and lay down with my eyes shut. It is a bit better now, but I haven't dared to put my contacts back in. Did I mention that I hate glasses??

Today was fun even though we were kind of "uncreative".