Thursday, January 3, 2008

cold weather = sweet hats

or sweet tuuks as we called them in the blustery parts of upstate ny (to distinguish them from your standard baseball type cap, that is).

here's some shots of our boy, in this style from old navy, purchased by gramma lidbom:

just home from grocery shopping. we were surprised that he was willing to let this hat stay on his head, so we quickly grabbed the camera:

sort of playing patty cake, but definitely wondering what dad is doing over here, with that camera:

this is isaac's favorite toy. and lucy's old favorite toy. and sometimes a shared favorite toy between the two of them. it's an old stuffed monkey:

he can usually be found in this pose, scampering around the house with the monkey dangling close behind.


Jessie said...

Loving the hat!!! It helps make an already adorable kid even more adorable...if that's possible.

Joooodi said...

We have some of those sweet hats too, and some with ear flaps, gotta love a good Elmer Fudd hat with ear flaps. :) Isaac is getting too big, can you believe it has been almost a year????

sarah said...

Yes, tis the season for sweet hats! That one definitely suits him. Pela also received some great hats this week. We miss you guys!!!