Tuesday, January 8, 2008

72 degrees

Isaac and I took advantage of yesterday's mild temperatures and went outside for a romp in the backyard. Most of the shots I got were of Isaac trying to gather up all of Lucy's frisbees or of his back as he ran away from me. He's tough to get a good shot of these days. Our backyard slopes downward from the house, so he kept winding up at the fence. Anyhow, this was his first time running around freely in the yard. When he still crawled, he would just eat all the leaves he could find. Now that he's walking, those leaves don't even tempt him.





Blake said...

I have another hypothesis as to why the leaves aren't tempting I-Lid as much as they used to. Perhaps he has begun to realize that they are not very flavorful or appetizing.

sarah said...

Or maybe - they are stale. Fresh crinkly leaves probably tast better than old wet stale leaves. Kind of like crackers.