Saturday, December 15, 2007

Solitary Confinement

We've childproofed all the cabinets in the kitchen that contain dangerous items. We also filled one cabinet full of fun stuff for Isaac (loud metal bowls, nesting plastic bowls, measuring spoons and cups, baby food lids, plastic ramakins... you get the point). He likes to empty out said cabinet and play inside. Here's some shots.




Jennifer said...

That's a good idea!! And I LOVE those cabinets! We have white ones...I keep telling James that is the first thing I will change when we get some extra cashola. I'm getting wood cabinets and a new counter top. White is just crazy hard to keep clean.

Okay - so that was a random ramble.

sarah said...

good luck with your cabinets.
i like ours, i suppose. there's a lot of them, so i think it's a bit much light wood color, for me. and i'm not a big fan of the nobs. when we get rich, i'm going to replace them all. but, it's relatively low on the list of things to do. on the other hand, peeling the flowery paint off the bathroom walls is high.