Thursday, December 27, 2007


so, the boy awakened early from his nap today and started whining. i wanted him to go back to sleep, so i waited a little bit to see if he would, before i finally went in to get him.

upon opening the door, this is the scene i was witness to:



he's been sticking his legs and arms out the gaps between the slats quite often lately. i didn't know if he'd get stuck or not, because he seemed pretty in control of the situations that i've observed. this, however, was a different case. he was stuck. he wasn't really mad about it. just mildly annoyed. he even let me run and get the camera and snap these pictures.

i just hope that it's not a pattern that he's going to take part in... legs stuck, short naps... crabby boy.


Heather said...

That is so sad. He thought he was getting down and his feet would hit the floor!! I'm glad you're a good mom who gave him a couple of minutes and then went to check to see if he was okay!

sarah said...

isaac did this very same thing during nap #2. being slightly suspicious of his whining, this time i went in much more quickly to rescue him from the clutches of his crib bars.