Monday, July 23, 2007

Yard Sale

We had the bright idea to have a yard sale on Saturday.

The Background:
Two years ago, we moved to this house. Then, six months ago, I had a baby.

The Reasons:
1. There were several boxes still unpacked from the move. If we haven't missed that stuff by now, we don't need it.
2. I have several items of clothing that I am pretty sure I am a long way from fitting in again. It's a good excuse to buy new clothes if I ever achieve my pre-baby weight.
3. There are many things that we found we didn't need/like for our baby boy.
4. There are many activities that Derek and I will likely not participate in, now that we share a new baby boy.

The Take:
$400 approximately.

The Highlights:
1. I became very irate with a pleasant auctioneer who patrolled the neighborhood on the eve of our yard sale and popped in because he "didn't think he could make it in the morning". I tried to keep him from coming in, but he didn't pick up on my passive aggressive sarcasm. After digging through the choice items (furniture, electronics, etc), he informed us that he'd be back in the morning to pick the stuff up. Interesting, since 10 minutes earlier, he wasn't sure if he could make it in the morning. So, I remarked, "huh, that's convenient since you just said you couldn't make it in the morning". Apparently, at this moment, he detected I was not fond of his evening intrusion. I continued to mutter more passive agressive comments to myself and others until Jake became worried that the friendly auctioneer was going to come kill us in the night. He didn't.
2. Selling the stupid stroller for $20 that we bought from our neighbor for $100.
3. Ridding ourselves of a broken basketball goal.
4. Realizing that we needed a replacement for our kitchen/dining furniture that we sold to said auctioneer. Bleh.
5. Realizing that the replacement for our kitchen/dining furniture would exceed $400.

The Conclusion:
It will be awhile before our next attempt at a yard sale.

Here's some shots of all the junk we were attempting to organize and sell!

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Anonymous said...

I had fun anyway. I like your new table.
Mom L