Wednesday, October 22, 2008

vocabulary explosion

up until about a week or so ago, most of the things isaac could say were variations of "dah". his inflection and number of syllables helped us to make out some things, but for the most part, we just nodded along.

then, all of a sudden, he's started saying all kinds of things. it's really amazing to see how much difference just a day can make. i will try to catch some of it on video, but here's a sampling of the new things he's saying these days...

mom and daddy, car, dog, meow, tractor, boom, water, night night, bye bye, hi, hey and hello (depending on his mood), stuck, stroller, store, no, door, light, cheese...

ok, i quit.


jena said...

... what about auntie jena?

JackthePirate said...

personal favorites:

I did it!