Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the cake that broke the camel's back

here's a shot of the cake i made last week for a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of the brother of one of the students i tutored last year. it really stressed me out and i'm taking a cake hiatus at the moment.


Allison said...

it looks so time consuming! and to think that i could eat all of those strawberries in moments flat. but for you i would take my time and enjoy your hard work ... but i would still eat every single one of them.
and i love the juxtaposition of the formal strawberry attire and the grooms speedo. i have a hunch that the wedding is going to be crazy cool.

Jude said...

ah yes... alot of work, but another Sarahcakeamazingous... ;)
Lincoln still talks about his!! :)

Jennifer said...

What was hard about it? Not saying that in a "Gosh, Sarah, what could possibly be hard about a cake like that" way. More like a "I stand in awe of your cake making skills...what was specifically difficult about this particular one?" way.