Monday, May 12, 2008


my normally independent and happy boy is gone.
he has been replaced by a clingy, frustrated, shrieking, tantrum throwing boy.

i feel tied to him like i did in the first three (miserable) months.
what gives?


jena said...

He just missed Auntie Jena!

frankie said...

He's turning into his mother at that age. Just wait until he turns 7.

Teresa said...

It's not too late to get your job back...hurry, apply soon! You know that math teachers are just beating the doors down trying to get into Yadkin County.

Jessie said...

In the same boat. Not fun at all!!! I love him but all the 'I need you Mommy,' is not all that beautiful.

Someday I'll miss the clinging (and you too) and that helps me get through it. Not every time though.

mohohens said...

Molars? Sickness? Change of some sort elsewhere in his life? Those are my best unprofessional guesses. I'm sure it will change tomorrow!