Thursday, November 30, 2006

jolly ranchers

jolly ranchers ranking by personal preference:
1. green apple
2. blue raspberry
3. cherry
4. watermelon
5. grape
nobody likes the grapes.
this, of course, is just the jolly ranchers that are found in a "standard" bag.
i am a big fan of peach and orange flavors, as well.


Anonymous said...

Give me all your grapes and I'll give you all my watermelons...I HATE watermelon.

I also like the Fire ones - they're good.

James made me email Jolly Rancher when we first got married to see if they would start putting more peach in the bags...alas, it did not work.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that was me - Jenn Mason...sorry...

sarah lidbom said...

perhaps if we start a petition for peach jolly ranchers? let the voice of the masses be heard by the decision makers at jolly rancher incorporated.....

CrysAne said...


I actually like the grape ones!!!