Thursday, November 30, 2006


yesterday, the baby sir isaac t. lidbom obtained the hiccups.
derek tried to hear them, but i saw on discovery or national geographic or some other educational station that fetuses don't make noises when they hiccup.
it was amusing at first, but then it got a little old.
derek and i tried scaring him, but that did not work.
i tried holding my breath, but that also did not work.
i just had to wait it out, and soon the alien stomach action was over.

on a side note...
i hate when people spell hiccup like this: hiccough.


Jon said...

I totally prefer the older rendering of "hicket" or "hickop"

hiccough is teh sux0r

Anonymous said...

I belive I saw the same thing on National Geograpic- In the Womb. (Which was very scary by the way!) M