Sunday, January 3, 2010

the pink room.

derek was off for the last week, so we took the opportunity to paint the baby's room (formerly known as my office). despite an original reluctance to have any pink be a part of this girl's life, i opted for a very dark, almost red shade of pink. isaac thinks that "the baby is going to love it". he also said he liked it better than his (blue) room.

view from the door (of the tutoring table that will remain until mayish...):

crib (stuffed with boy clothes):


Anonymous said...

I like it! The white trim really sets the pink off. Congrats on completing the painting.

Rachel said...

I am so excited about the pink room! I love the color. Can I send you some clothes for her with ruffles on the butt...or is that a bit much? OK, ok. Baby steps. :)

(Just for the record if I ever had a girl I doubt ruffles would appear on her butt. Maybe only on special ruffley butt occasions.)

Plus now I'm going to start a new game. Every time I make a comment the 'word verification' will be a name suggestion for little girl...

Bingskyl Lidbomb

That's a good one. I'm going to be leaving a lot of comments. :)

Melissa said...

very nice! i love it!!