Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so, the isaaczilla is currently a talking machine. if i'm in the room, he's talking to me non-stop. if i'm not in the room, he talks to lucy. or trains. or nobody in particular. it's cute.

the best part is watching him wrestle with the english language. recently, he's been struggling through "I" vs. "me" vs. "Isaac" vs. "you" vs. "we"...

it started out as isaac. no pronouns needed. "that's isaac's blanket", "it's isaac's turn", "isaac is going outside", etc...

then, he switched to my. "my blanket", "my turn", "my is going outside".

then, for a little while, he was doing great. all the right pronouns were being used. that was shortlived, and the cookie monster phase took over. everything was "me"... "me is very happy", "me has doh-stetti for dinner"...

in our effort to get this fixed (even though it's pretty amusing), we'll come back with "i'm having spaghetti" and "i am very happy". this was obviously confusing and i think he thought we were arguing with him and he would respond with, "no. ME is very happy"... and so on.

now, my favorite phase has begun. i suspect that in all of our efforts to correct him, he thought maybe we were just agreeing with him. he was happy and i was happy. he had spaghetti and i had spaghetti. so now, he has begun to use "we"...

"mom, we like orange playdoh. not the white playdoh".
"mom, we like to watch thomas".

you get the point.

or, maybe he just has an imaginary friend. maybe that's who he's talking to when i'm not in the room?

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