Friday, July 3, 2009

batavia trip - volume 5 - utica trip

from batavia, i did something that i always intend to do, but haven't done since 2004*... i made a trip out to my old college town of utica to visit some old friends. how i had missed all my old favorite stops: the varick, franco's pizza, the utica marsh, the scenic view of industry long gone from the arterial, black jeans and black leather coats... :)

anyhoooo... i actually only made two stops. to visit chrisclarke and mandy allison. and sadly, i only took pics whilst with chrisclarke. we went out to her "buddy shack" and rode the party boat and jet skis and played in the sand. jake even took a turn on the jet ski, as you'll see in the last pic. and that's chrisclarke with him. :)

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