Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas loot.

i see that i haven't blogged in awhile. it's been a bit hectic around here lately.

we had our christmas party with derek's parents over the weekend, so we were working fast and furious to get those gifts all lined up. we got some sweet loot from that exchange. i (we) got some christmas dishes to match our blue kitchen. and a couple of lowes gift cards for home improvements, gardening, etcetera.... or perhaps a new weed whacker.

isaac scored biggest. he now owns his very own grocery cart, complete with 100's of play food items to scatter all over the house. he got a personalized apron AND chef jacket (both of which he refuses to wear). hmmmm, what else... oh, a square chair that is like a giant booster seat. so, it's got a deep low seat, and a high shallow seat and when it's on it's side it's a like a giant dangerous stool. :) he scored a few more little toys but the grocery cart was the runaway winner...

anyhoooo, like everyone else, we have been and will continue to be quite busy with various parties and celebrations from now until christmas. throw in some baking and traveling and shopping, and hope that there's time to sleep. :)

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jena said...

Ha... not busy in our neck of the woods. Quiet, relaxing, seriously awesome. But our family lives 3,000 miles away. I'll miss you Thursday morning. I am a drop out. The new ones seem to want to try and catch every little germ, so we are hibernating. Everywhere I go I see wheezing, coughing and icky noses. Maybe we'll come out with the groundhog. But hey... great news... we've paid so much into our health system this year that we don't even have to pay a co-pay anymore. Sweet! Two weeks of free medical care!