Thursday, August 28, 2008

the week in pictures

we rode the ski lift up sugar mountain:

the beautiful (sarcasm) scenery from the top of sugar:

swimming in the resort pool:

playing with the light switch. a new favorite activity:

sliding down the roller slide at the banner elk park:

climbing the rubber/rope ladder:

playing in the stream:

golfing with josiah and josiah's dad:

feeding a duck:

feeding himself:

heading into linville caverns (this is the last good moment):

here's how he really felt about the caverns:

josiah wasn't too happy, either:

the boys, playing in the room:

josiah buckling isaac into his booster seat:

then it rained. and rained. and is probably still raining. and we came home. bleh.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Okay, too much for me to comment on. Jonathan loves to play with the light switches too, except he likes to play with the ones in the kitchen and I haven't put the face plates back on; major no no.
I hope that is mud on the back of his shorts.
Those pictures of Josiah and Isaac not loving the cave are priceless.