Tuesday, June 17, 2008

first nerds

isaac had his first nerds today.

he painstakingly ate about 20 of them and then deposited the nearly full box of nerds into the fountain at kernelkustard/brewnerds.

which reminds me that i never blogged about the other day when isaac put my "purse" into the pool. luckily, my phone was not in it. the reason for the quotes is, it's more of a little wallet type thing on a string. i think it's called a travel wallet or some such nifty title.

in other "firsts" news, isaac climbed onto the kitchen table for the first (and second) time today. so, that's no longer a safehaven.


Jessie said...

Me o' my, what an active fun child you have. I really think we should get our boys together for a play date.
Were you ok with him not liking the nerds?

sarah said...

i was ok with it. i think he liked them. i don't think he understood the ramification of his actions. he just can't control himself around bodies of water. it's too tempting.

i was trying to figure out a way that we could come up for the baby elle is home party. other than that, i was thinking that i could detour for a stop when i head to ny in july.... just some thoughts.

Melissa said...

you are carrying around a purse??? what has this world come to?!!

Jennifer said...

I. Heart. Nerds.

Jessie said...

You need too. It's not a want or a wish, it is a need. I need some Sarah time.

That would be fun if you could make it tomorrow. Then it will be more kids than mine and Tonya's.