Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bad Mom.

This morning, Isaac and I decided to take a trip to Target to get some baby food and baby toothpaste. Isaac started out riding in the kids seat, all strapped in for safety. However, he has figured out how to squirm his way around backwards while still strapped in, so I decided to put him in the big part of the cart. I loaded up with baby food and made my way to the baby toiletries aisle.

Here's where it goes bad...

As I perused for various baby toothpastes, Isaac in a split second hurled himself overboard from the cart, landing on his head. I scooped him up, abandoned the cart, ran outside and called Derek. Derek called the doctor's office, who gave us the same things to watch for as when he traveled down the stairs at a high rate of speed.

We checked his eyes and they seemed fine.
He didn't act lethargic. Just sleepy because he was way overdue for a nap.
There was no bleeding.
He didn't throw up.

I feel like the worst mom in the universe. I don't know how he got over the side. My best guess is that he managed to squeeze his toe into the side of the cart and get a good boost to get him started. Anyhow, that's my day so far. Good times.


Anonymous said...

You are not a bad mom! You are a wonderful mom of a very active boy. I am thankful that your afternoon has been uneventful. Have a great time with NY grandma and family.

Jennifer Bell said...

Hi. It's Jennifer from Derek's office. Love your blog. I check it regularly to see pics of the boy. He is so darn cute and getting so big.
This entry takes me back. My boys are 15 and 10 now and our pediatrician still fondly refers to them as the "bleeder" and the "breaker of many bones". I am happy Isaac is doing well. Don't blame yourself, these things happen. I am firm believer that each baby should come with a lifetime script for Prozac and/or Xanax for mom. I hope you have a great day today!