Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kernel Kustard

After five visits to the newly opened Kernel Kustard restaurant, Isaac and I would like to publicly give rave reviews. This message was unsolicited.

So far, I have tried the following:
1. Vanilla Kustard with Butterfinger mixin.
2. Lick the Bowl Jumble (Vanilla w/ pb cookie dough, brownie batter, and chocolate chip cookie dough)
3. Brew Nerd's Mocha Almond something or other Kustard.
4. Turtle Cheesecake Kustard (my favorite, so far).
5. Southern Apple Pie Kustard
6. Italian Sausage sandwich.

So far, Isaac has tried all of the above Kustards, although his favorite thing about KK's isn't on the menu. He loves loves loves the fountain on the patio.

So, on top of having delicious food, it's a good escape for a stay at home mom and her adventurous baby. Kudos to the McKies. Word.


Brad said...

Here here!! I am currently enjoying a delicious Kernel Kustard cheeseburger. mmmmm....

~stevesgurl~ said...

My favorites so far is the Bananas Foster custard and the cheeseburgers! :)

kieson said...

i went here last night and it is so good. i had some of the Kustard and it tastes so much better than ice cream. here you go Sarah, you wanted my email-

Jessie said...

Now I want custard.

countryhamnc said...

Very rich - very creamy - not too pricy - just the thing to add on the pounds. Can't do it but once a month. But - if 10% of Winston-Salem did it once a month that would be 16,500 people spending an average of $6/person - or $99,000 per month - a tidy 1.2 mil a year - Franchise time is here.

GothBabe said...

The bread they use for their sandwiches is awful and the workers
don't properly wash their hands--I should know, I used to work there and was one of the few who washed her hands! To top it all off, they
worked me for 7.5 hours and have not paid me yet, even though I've threatened to take them to court--and I intend to. Worst grilled chicken sandwiches I ever ate, too dry and taste barely cooked. Best things are the custard and corn.