Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Make that FOUR

So, upon further inspection into the mouth of one (not happy to cooperate) Isaac T. Lidbom, it has come to my attention that he has not just one top tooth coming in, but two.

Here's the weird part. It's not the top middles. It's the ones on both sides of the middle two teeth. So, unless those middle two quickly arrive on the scened, we're going to have a Mr. Vampire on our hands for a little while. :)

He's been very very crabby lately, and I think it's the teeth. I hope it's the teeth, that is. I just loaded him up with some Tylenol for his morning nap, so hopefully, he'll get a solid two hours and be in a good mood for today.
(Yesterday was not so great.)

Anyhow, for anyone keeping track or who had Isaac in their baby fantasy league, that's 4 teeth, not 3. :)


~stevesgurl~ said...

Congrats on the new teeth!! Josiah is getting his molars so he has been less than pleasant today.

We are looking forward to our playdate tomorrow! :)

Kim and Mike said...

Hi! I posted the burger cookie recipe on my blog just for you! Since I did that, wanna sub for me on Oct. 5th? I know you are for Angella some can't play favorites! :)